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Anthon & Cammy are the final wave, the late adopters, the bargain bin hunters, the ones who live off Steam sales and Flash sales. For them, having a 'Gold' or 'Plus' membership is a must. Free games? Sign them up! This is what it means to be a GAMER ON A BUDGET.

Lal, Tosto & Silent, three of the most powerful beings in the universe clash and an all out battle of the ages begins. Summoning swords the size of planets, firing and deflecting energy beams with the power of atomic bombs and teleporting to other dimensions in the blink of an eye. Come and witness the unimaginable power of the ULTIMATES

Belial is a young demon on his path to become a great warrior. Join him on his adventures as he tries to overcome the most powerful of foes, while at the same time uncovering his full potential. A journey full of danger, secrets, love, brutality and all out madness awaits in the TALES OF BELIAL.


Comic Artist

"When was the last time I drew something?

I honestly do not know. ...Help!"

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